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ALLasleep's patented design allows you to sleep during your travels

Your sleep, your way.

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Logistics behind fabrication and expedition of orders is done in Quebec

"We tested the ALLasleep mask during two recent plane trips. The results were astonishing. The mask is comfortable and the adjustable anti-slip strap efficient. The head is secured in place." Article from La Presse

Stéphanie Morin, La Presse

"I am able to state that the pouch installs easily to the headrest of a plane seat or train by adjusting the straps. Once the mask was installed. I observed that the ALLasleep maintains the head In a neutral position so that the head does not travel trom side to side or to the front. As a plus, the mask blocks the light, which is favorable to a relaxed state."

Janelle MacKinnon, B.Sc.erg., erg. (C) Ergotherapist

"The ALLasleep team has a passion for travel, if you have the destination we have the product to bring you there in comfort."

Anne-Lise, co-founder

"There are good people everywhere around the world!"

Lise, co-founder

"We invented the ALLasleep for travellers like us who want to discover the world or even just experience an all inclusive resort!"

Laurence, co-founder