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Luxury travel accessory for sleeping

ALLasleep's patented technology allows you to sleep while traveling. No need to bring a big cushion on the plane. Attach your head to your headrest. It eliminates the tilting of the head and keeps it upright when sleeping. It is not a simple travel mask for the eyes ...

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Sleep comfortably in a seated position

Fully adjustable to your seat and on your face. So that everyone can sleep in a position that suits them.

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Installs in all modes of transport

Use it on the train, the car and the plane even on seats with a screen at the back.

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Washable and compact

It is easy to transport and you can machine wash it when you return from your trip.

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Comments from an Occupational Therapist

I was able to notice that the headrest can be easily installed on the backrest of an aircraft or train seat by adjusting the straps.  Once the mask is installed, I observed that the ALLasleep helps to keep the neck in a neutral position, so that the head does not tip sideways or forward.  In addition, the mask adds a penumbra effect, which promotes relaxation.

Janelle MacKinnon, B.Sc.erg., erg. (C) Ergothérapeute


Great head support while sitting.  Easy to install on the headrest.  Cuts out the light well.  I used it on a seat that had a screen on the back no problems.  Great purchase!

Francine G.

The head is well supported and allows easy sleeping while sitting.  Great idea!

Marie-Josée H.

I really appreciated my ALLasleep on my night flight.  It allosed me to keep my head straight while resting.  What a pleasure!! Thanks 🙏

David G.

I used it for the first time last weekend and OMG, perfect!! No stiffness in my neck after waking up.  Thanks for this ingenious invention!

Alexandria L.

Practical to have on my plane trip.

Martine G.