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The sleep travel accessory made for you

If you are travelling in the plane, train, bus or in your car, we have what you need… ALLasleep

Your sleep, your way

Our invention allows you to sleep seated for long trips to and from home. Sewn with quality fabrics made to last many years and travels.

ALLasleep's patented design allows you to sleep sitting.  Our product is a two part travel accessory the pouch and the eye mask.  To use it, you must install the pouch on the headrest of your seat.  Then connect the eye mask to the pouch using the clips on each side of your head.


Everyone wants the coveted window seat to try to sleep while on the plane. Emphasis on TRY! To sleep well, you want your head in a comfortable position and not moving side to side while sleeping. The ALLasleep was invented to keep the head and neck in a comfortable position. Adjust it to your liking and catch some Zzz's during your travel time. For a more optimal rest, choose our Travel blanket designed for sleeping while seated.

The pouch

  • Can install on the headrest of a car, train, bus and plane. Even the seats with a screen or an adjustable headrest
  • Integrated invisible zipper small enough to avoid discomfort once installed. You can also use it to store your passport, tickets, money or any other small item to keep safe while sleeping.
  • Side D ring to clip our eyewear case or to hang your glasses directly while you prepare to sleep

The eye mask

  • Fabricated with memory foam padding to avoid pressure and rubbing of the eyes
  • Breathable mesh fabric to allow you to stay comfortable and dry while sleeping
  • Hugs you face to block out all light
  • The eye mask must be attached on both sides to keep your head in a neutral position
  • The masks adjustment cords include rings to facilitate adjusting your mask to the perfect position.

What is included: eye mask/ Headrest pouch

Fabricated in Gatineau, Québec