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Questions About Our Hygienic Mask

Q.: What makes your mask more comfortable?

A.: Our mask is installed and ajustable behind your head instead of around the ears. We made it that way so it doesn't hurt you after you wore it for a while.


Q.: How many filters are included with the mask?

A.: With every mask is included 2 washable filters


Q.: After how many washes should i change the filter?

A.: The filter should be changed after 30 washes


Q.: Is the Mask washable/How often should I wash it?

A.: Yes, the mask is machine washable and can be put in the dryer. You should wash your mask in the washer after each use


Q.: Are the filters washable?

A.: Yes, wash the filter in the washer after each use (without fabric softener) and lay flat the dry (Do not put the filter in the dryer)


Q.: how often should I change the filter in my mask?

A.: You should change the filter after 4 hours.


Q.: What is the composition of the mask?

A.: The mask is made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex.


Q.: What is the composition of the filter?

A.: The filter is made of 100% polypropylene


Q.: Do you have a kid's size?

A.: We created our mask for the essential outings of adults (ex: going to the grocery store). We only have one size available but it is adjustable for a better fit on the users.


Q.: How long is the free shipping?

A.: We ship with Canada Post and it takes around 8-15 business days.


Q.: I paid for express shipping but didn't receive my tracking number yet, where can I get it?

A.: We will send you your tracking number. Our priority is to get every order out as soon as possible. It might take us a little bit more time to send you your tracking number but rest assured it's been shipped.


Refund Policy

Do to the nature of the product we are selling we don't allow any refunds or return of orders.



Questions About Our Travel Accessory

Q.: Is the ALLasleep compact?

A.: Yes, once folded the ALLasleep is no bigger than a cell phone. 


Q.: Is the ALLasleep washable?

A.: Yes, you can wash your ALLasleep in cold water and dry it flat.


Q.: Can we use the mask without the headrest? 

A.: Yes, you can use the mask alone.


Q.: Is the ALLasleep suitable for users of all sizes? 

A.: It is ideal to use the ALLasleep when your head doesn't exceed the headrest of your seat.


Q.: Can my ALLasleep go on any seat?

A.: When developing the ALLasleep it was made to fit standard transport seats up to127 cm (50 inches).


Q.: In which transports can I use my ALLasleep?

A.: The ALLasleep can be used in a wide variety of transport such as airplane, train, bus, car, heavy truck, etc.


Q.: Is the ALLasleep safe in the event of a car or bus collision?

A.: The ALLasleep has not been created to protect the user in the event of an accident. It aims to improve the comport for sleeping in a sitting position. It is not a safety device or restraint in case of impact. 


Q.: What are the delivery times?

A.: Deadlines with regular mailing in Canada and the United States are 6 to 12 business days.


Q.: Which carrier do you use?

A.: We use Canada Post.


Q.: Do you ship anywhere in the world?

A.: Yes, custom fees may be added.


Q.: Can I change my order?

A.: We can change an order as long as it is not shipped and if the desired color is still in stock.


Q.: Can I return my order?

A.: You can return your ALLasleep at your expense if it has not been worn, washed, altered. It must not have any sign of use including cosmetic stains, perfumes, odors, etc. 

*The decision to refuse a return that doesn't fit with ALLasleep's return policy is final and can't be rebutted. 


Q.: When will I get my refund?

A.: Once we have received your package at our location, please allow 1-3 business days for returns processing. Once your return has been processed you will receive an email confirming your refund. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return your ALLasleep. 

*Additional delays with Paypal or you banking institution are not included in these deadlines.